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About Krewe de Jeunesse 

After discovering his love for Mardi Gras, 16 y/o Even Touchet, who you may know as Even St. Julien from EVEN News or Deuce's Cookies, decided to establish a Mardi Gras Krewe for children his age. That's when St. Julien and his mother gathered their friends and created "Krewe de Jeunesse," meaning "Crew of Youth." In February of 2023, Even, Celeste, and friends officially established Krewe de Jeunesse. 

This Krewe was created to give children, the ages 9 through 18, the opportunity to participate in a Mardi Gras Krewe similar to most adult Krewe's! The Krewe's Board of Directors plans to uphold its founding intention through annual balls, monthly socials, parades, and even more Mardi Gras fun! 

The Krewe is still growing and taking applications for new members. To join, click here

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